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Wall Batmans #1 rule - My prediction

What if batman broke his own rule? Would that be so bad?
As a fan of Nolans work I think its an injustice to kill bruce without exploring this...

I was just thinking, it seems they would not give away the ending and the commercials are asking/telling us Will Bruce Die? so... i see the movie having a focus on Bruce fighting with himself and his weakness of identity, fighting with the idea of who he is and what he stands for, and the whole ending is about him "breaking" his 1 and only rule, the rule that seperates batman from his villain but at the same time allows the joker to keep breathing. In my opinion the only line left to draw is Kill or be killed, Kill or let others kill; which is better for Batman? Is his legacy enough to leave behind? I dont think so not just yet. The whole reason Bane doesnt kill him is so batman can face his own creation and choose the impossible; kill or take off the mask

I know i know, thats what the jokers story is all about but... bane is going to be bruces way out, hes going to pull some trick like he did with Ras or 2face, the only way he can kill bane is to take himself out with him or even maybe he can fake it but i think thats a stretch... and i also say thats a weak ending and not a good way for his "legacy" to be left... so what other choice is there?? bruce needs to just start Killing!! Ha ha i know im retarded, but seriously that would be a wild ending... he lost the girl, he lost his white knight, now hes losing his back, the whole freaking city so F the rules! Whats left if he loses his mask? Batman cant lose again in the end of this movie, he lost pretty bad in the dark knight, if he dies it just wont be fitting to have such a trilogy full of losses... who would buy that DVD boxset??

I also have hopes for nolan continueing the story someday, the 4th movie could be an older bruce passing on his legacy or something completely different idk who cares just give us moar!!! they are just saying the trilogy is over to build hype the movie is going to be too successful not to have at least one more! Just go crazy with it nolan!! UtRH or something F continuity LOL jk... i think having batman kill bane sets up a whole "did i do the right thing?" in the 4th movie and bruce could be going crazy with the death of al and the way the world is left behind . Thats the whole point of the commercials saying he is facing death

Thoughts? Would this cause a better/worse reaction from fans instead killing off our hero?? Would this ruin his character? Would this add a new layer of depth to the whole idea of what a hero truely stands for? Or is it simply rediculous to think he will break his #1 rule and that he should just die if he breaks his own rule? Or has he already broken his rule before??? Just for arguements sake... how does batman win? The joker proved it, either Kill or you cant win. If batman dies then theres no hope for the hero, if batman cant do it who will?? But without his one rule, he is not a hero... or was he never one to begin with? Cuz he let the joker live, which probably wasnt the right choice, or maybe it was in that situation but how will bane be different?

when its either kill or be killed, its tough to draw the line between vigilante and villain... he already "bent his rule" so how can he keep standing by it when faced with ever growing impossible odds. In my opinion bruce can only choose to accept that he is NO better then the villain, and instead of letting it destroy him he should embrace his darker side(like the title says). He needs to stop trying to be perfect everybody slips, because if he dies then the legacy becomes a fallacy. If he cant keep on fighting then the message becomes: you cant beat them, so join them. The symbol of his creation is to embrace the eternal struggle. He has to know that he can choose when to break his only rule in case of emergency. There is a difference between being a mindless executioner and a protector of principals that are greater then he can handle.

Am I crazy or did that make sense? I just think given the choice of batman either dieing or giving up, id rather see him break his own rule instead... Some people believe if batman didnt exhist the Joker wouldnt be evil, but what happens to batman when the joker doesnt exhist? You already know the answer is that a new villain always steps up to the plate, but if nolan is going to replace the hero at least dive deeper into why or else its not a fitting end.

TOO LONG DIDNT READ?? just read the first 2 lines...
breaking what the character represents is better ending then killing him

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