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Default Re: Re-cast Hal Jordan for JL movie? Yay or Nay?

Originally Posted by Hats_Off View Post
They should really keep Ryan for the GL part. He looks the part of Hal Jordan *perfectly* and he also played it fine.

Any issues with the GL film weren't so much on him, not one bit. They got the casting of both him and Mark Strong as Sinestro nailed.

The problem with he movie was the script, the writing and the villain/villain casting.

I say keep him because it's set up to make a really awesome movie with an epic duel between him and Mark Strong.

I also prefer continuity, and planting strong roots and foundation to build on.
I agree with u no doubt, but I also see WB and their view. Because it's business, and GL (for better or worse is associated with Ryan) bombed so bad. Like really bad. And even worse with audiences.

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