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Default Re: Re-cast Hal Jordan for JL movie? Yay or Nay?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
I thought it was awful. Super cheesy. Everything about it was horrible with the exception of a few Reynolds/Hal scenes and a few of the scenes Sinestro was a part of. Even those could have been written better.

That movie and continuity shouldn't step anywhere near what Nolan/Snyder have created. It's like two polar opposites. It's the equivalent to using Brandon Routh and the Superman Returns (Donner verse) continuity with Nolans TDK trilogy.

If they want to bring Reynolds back with a complete makeover, OK. Im down with that. He was decent, sometimes solid, sometimes too goofy but OK. But if it means bringing the movie along for the ride? Hell no. Toss him out. Reboot Hal or use John. The audiences wont care.

Everyone I speak to, fan or no fan, if they saw the movie or even clips...they think it sucked and they laugh when I mention "Reynolds might be back". The reaction is always "Hahaha oh god, they cant use that, they need to bring someone else in". The GA and most fans honestly don't give a damn about Reynolds returning. Even if Batman is rebooted.
THIS. i've noticed the exact same thing with people i know. The movie has become a joke in their eyes. They all think it would be a negative thing for Reynolds to return. he was pretty bad. Not terrible but definitely bad.

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