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Default Re: Re-cast Hal Jordan for JL movie? Yay or Nay?

I agree with Cooper and Pine. But Bradley will be aged out most likely. He's a year younger than Bale. It MAY work if Bale comes back but if not we'll be seeing a younger Bruce Wayne. You don't want an early 40s Hal Jordan as the oldest of the team. About 10 years older than Superman. So that's a shame.

Pine will always be a fantastic choice. His Captain Kirk is friggin Hal Jordan. That could be bad because he probably wont want to be in another ensemble franchise. Unless Star Trek 2 is the last one for years to come (Star Wars may put new Star Trek movies on hold for a while, especially since it's Abrams). So maybe Pine will float his way onto DC territory.

It's the perfect role for him. But I don't think he likes comics or the character, from his reaction about being offered the role in 2009. Then again, he had the first Star Trek heating up at the time and he was probably pitched the idea and turned it down cuz of that bad script. He never auditioned, I know that much. Bradley did, and he even said he's not cut out for superhero roles.

I have an idea for after JL. If you can do a World's Finest between Batman and Superman. Or even a Trinity with Wonder Woman. Why cant u pull off a fantastical-buddy cop movie between Hal & Barry??

Hilarious and bad-ass at the same time. Enough emotions and great action scenes/visuals but a really entertaining pair between Green Lantern and Flash. Maybe Sinestro teams up with one of Flash's key villains. Saves them from doing another Hal centric GL movie & risking failure, but it still gets him in another movie in the form of a different actor.

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