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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Then if we're to believe him, then he was also a man when Ra's and the League came to him and by that time, surely a guy that has the desire to save and protect an innocent little girl has his own formed his own idealologies about how the world works. Not one in which you destroy a city that inhabits innocent children (if you and Anno really think Bane gives a damn). If anything, it'd make more sense for Bane to be excommunicated because he doesn't BELIEVE in Ra's Al Ghul's cause.
Why would a man who has spent his entire life underground have any IDEA about how the world works, other than a basic feeling of the inherent injustice of the world?

Wouldn't Bane be almost the perfect person to be persuaded to the LOS's ideologies? A wrecking ball forged from hell who has suffered tremendously. The only thing stopping Bruce from joining the League was he didn't want to take life. He was able to deal with all of Ra's' teachings leading up to that moment. You think Bane had that same problem after living his life in a prison? He had already murdered people in the name of "justice" before Ra's even found him.

Edit: WOW, in thinking about all this I just had somewhat of an epiphany. In the flashback scene in the pit, we see young Talia stab that prisoner in the back, but Bane quickly picks her up and stabs him again, presumably killing him. I never thought of it this way, but right there he's protecting her innocence. He's being her "dark knight" and getting his hands dirty so she doesn't have to.

At the end, because Bane is beaten by Batman, Talia stabs Bruce. She has to end the ruse and get her hands dirty. It's almost as if Bane is shedding a tear because he's failed her. I feel like Bane worships the ideal of what Talia represents to him moreso than any sort of romantic connotation that people seemed to have gotten out of it (which doesn't make sense given the age gap).

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