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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

And It's people like you with the Disney(and yes you should call It Disney and not MS.It and lucasfilm are simply part of disney) VS Fox arguements Is causing me to not to want to spend any money or time on any MCU anymore especilly since I hate the ultimate line which
the MCU Is based on>Plus most MS films aren't as good as X-Men,X2,and first Class.I am going meh with Iron Man 3.I am not going to spend any money on Thorark world since I promised If the worthless character of marcy was In sequel I wouldn't spend a penny on It.And they are expanding her role.I have No Intrest In GOTG.Captain America:The WInter Soldier will depend on trailer and rather they have a villain as mastermind instead of Zola or Crossbones.And If avengers sequel Is just avengers as shield unit they comes together and goes apart at end of film again.Then I won't be giving them any of my money eather.

If you hate the X-Men films so much why post In DOFP threads.That makes no sense.

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