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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
A lof of MS studios films since Iron Man 2 have been based a lot on ultimates.There was thread In avengers how much films are based on Ultimates.Ok I will give you the avengers are better than first X-Men I still prefer X2 and first Class over avengers.But as for their solo films sorry I prefer The good X-men films over them.

And since I hate trailer for Man of steel and will not spend a penny on It I hope They don't try to copy It.

So If you want an X-Men film based on ultimate X-men so be It.Days of future past may be last X-Men film I spend any money on.
Nice try, but I never said I wanted an X-men film based on the Ultimates. I'm a 616 guy all the way. The fact that you shoved that in your post, basically saying whoever(or just me)wants a new start to the franchise with a new cast must just like the ultimates is ridiculous.

I just found most of MS films to be fun and they were done well. I still love X1 and X2, and really love First Class.

What do you mean by you hope they won't try to copy Man of Steel? In what way?

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