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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

Originally Posted by Schlosser85 View Post
I get really tired of these people with no conception of or respect for separation of church and state trying to legislate morality based on their personal interpretation of their religion.

You can believe whatever values you want, but don't expect me to live by them.

Because frankly, I think your values are poison.
I do think this is going to causes unprecedented problems though.

In the past, people disagreed, but they agreed on certain truths. That's out the window now.

Now, I know, you have some people who say that someone's views on science are irrelevant, but when you have people who claim that homosexuality is a sin, who pass civil rights legislation... you have a civil rights problem.

When you have people who think the world is 9,000 year olds, and that dinosaurs and people coexisted, you're going to have academic legislation written by the uneducated / miseducated, you have an educational problem.

When you have people who deny climate change exists... when entire cities start getting taken out by super hurricanes, you have one hell of a problem.

So this is quite problematic.

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