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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Originally Posted by Johnny Blaze View Post

"This is your handiwork, Richards", Von Doom hatefully snarls as he pulls Mr. Fantastic in close, staring him dead in the eyes.
"Let it be the last sight you see as you fade from this world."

"And have no worry", Victor smirks devilishly, "I will take good care of Susan in your absence..."
"Actually," Reed mumbled out. "I'm sure... Sure Susan and the others are taking good care of you."

Around Reed and Doom, the ship shook and a white light began to shine through the ship's window.

"Based on the relative speed of the ship, I teleported the others to a point in the time vortex where they would appear at the exact moment you took control of the Sphinx."

The white light began to shine through the window and consume the front of the ship. Reed coughed violently and wiped blood from his lips.

"That light is the time stream correcting itself. Sue, Ben, and Johnny stopped you. Time is going back to the way it was, the world you controlled will no longer exist. So, enjoy your vengeance, and know it was short lived."

Reed coughed again and looked up as the white light consumed both him and Victor.

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