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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
so what you are saying is that child Loki, this Loki,

has already killed Balder among other terrible things done and done to Loki in the myths (depending on what exactly they include in MCU)? Is that what you are proposing?

or perhaps the baby did it?

and then everyone up in Asgard just forgot, or forgave him because he's just soo darn cute.

and not only that, per the quote from the film book from earlier...

"Loki was a shape shifter that could turn into anything he wished. He was far more spiteful, cunning and deceitful than the other Gods in Asgard, which often led him into trouble. Trouble would be created because he loved playing mean and deceitful jokes on others. Eventually, he was seen for what he was and was distrusted. His quick wit and honey tongue inevitably caused the Aesir to forgive him which left room for his role in engineering the death of the god Balder."

So that would lead one to believe that this version of Loki pre Thor 1 has already done terrible things and been forgiven numerous times and then killed Balder at some point in time, child or not, AND not only the midgardians know about it, but all of the Asgardians must too. They have already apparently forgiven him for that terrible crime enough for Thor to treat him as a brother and Frigga and Odin to still consider him a "son" and potential heir to the throne by the time Thor 1 comes around. Nope. that really doesn't make any sense at all.

"Loki's always been one for mischief but this is something else entirely." ~ Fandral Thor 1

To this proposition that this version of the characters have done what the myths say already - I say NAY! It is clear to me that either it will be that the midgardians made everything up about these "gods" to explain things, which is what happened with real mythology anyway, or it was based on a previous version of them that some stories had come down to Midgard (think the Telephone game) over time, with some variations and changes depending on what stories the Norse wanted to tell.

I am leaning towards the second explanation, which is actually supported by the book quote, for the reasons stated, but also because the death of Balder is a precursor to Ragnarok in the myths. So like I said, the Norse Myths in the MCU are very likely going to be based on previous incarnations and previous Ragnarok.

The question is, Balder is mentioned in the MCU now per this book, but he does not appear to be in the current version, so where is he? Or will they completely ignore his part this time?
who is saying that? I am not saying that lol. I was saying that Loki was still probably an adult. You don't know how old/what year it is. The only thing we see is Loki as a baby in 965 AD. Around that time. As I said, the vikings were around anywhere from 900 AD, to almost 1200. They myth could have been written anytime. Since the asgardians showed up around 965 AD Elizah, that is probably when the vikings first saw them. I am more than sure that they still saw the asgardians, as they come and go. Even if Loki killed balder, or did the things in the myth by the year..990AD, he would still probably be an adult. So no, I am not saying loki did that as a kid. IF he did.

Personally, I think that the whole balder thing is being looked into too much, and it is simply most definitally an easter egg, that's all I think.

If balder doesn't even show up, and he isn't addressed. then, that is it. The words we saw of Loki playing a role in killing him, is probably just a tease as I just said. HOWEVER, if it says that, technically, it was written in myth in the mcu that Loki has done that. If we could assume their myth be true, then yeah, technically, Loki COULD have killed balder. But he wouldn't have been a baby, or a kid at that point. Nothing says so far that the myth is made up. The whole, loki being forgiven thing, it could just be a plothole. I dont think there was a previous ragnarok, and a previous thor and previous odin and Loki. Loki very well could have played a role in the death of balder, and 800 years later, he is finally forgiven.

Again, your thoughts make sense, but I mean, I think that's too deep. What we got is this. Point blank. Like real life, there is myth to these norse beings in the movies. Unlike real life, in the movies, those beings DO actually exist. So we got myth written on beings that actually do exist. These beings HAVE been on earth before. Again, it is all speculation, but at this point, I would say it's a safer guess to assume that those things in the myth DID happen, opposed to not. These beings exist, and they have been to earth. Until it is said otherwise, it is reasonable to believe that these characters did do whatever they said they did in the myth, at some point.

However, regarding the loki balder thing, I think it can go both ways. I think the myths could be one way for us to view the characters past.

but this is too deep.

I think it's easier to assume that the myth is true, than it being made up.

However, in my opinion, I think that the whole Loki, balder thing, and revealing what it said in the myth books is simply just an easter egg, and nothing more.

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