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Default Re: Legends of Tomorrow General Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by Brazil201 View Post
Did his daughter die in arrow season 4?
No, she did n't there. what happened was Damien darhk said he 'would come back for after he killed Oliver and they did public battle for star city which as you know is still the worst season of arrow next to season 3 and PART OF SEASON 2 THAT LEAD INTO IT .

so that little girl was still left in that under ground hide out waiting for her villain father. and the writing of Guggenheim left it that way even in the following season and Oliver could n't be bothered to even think of her on screen cause the writer s team of arrow didn't care past that point til now. which I stated in the past that was one of the many reasons I dropped that series and never went back to the show. it is that bad I even tried last year and my youngest sister show me that Diggle blew an interrogation with torture when there wasn't supposed be used at all and I laughed and said it's just still doing the same thing where they have characters ether acting like idiots or have them leave an under 12-year-old kid in cave / under ground tunnel . when they should have smartened up by now.

and now Guggenheim is in the X-men books turning kitty pryde become some twisted version of felicty and the other characters even act goofy eyed over her love life and storm is acting stupid as well. you can see the other posters inthe X-men thread inthe marvel comic's side of hy6pe mention this very thing tht are seeingf how guggen hiem writes characters. .

so it's clear guggeheim is a bad writer even to new people seeing his work and it can't be unsaid since people are seeing it elose where too. I'm not sure how he getting work or allowedto do other comic's and show's with what he does to the characters. . but its very sad to see.

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