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Default Re: Dailey Bugle TV Spin-Off

Yeah, I agree that it would expand the Universe. Most expansions of anything don't contain the center, wouldn't be much of an expansion if they did. ASM2 isn't an "expansion" of the Spidey Universe, it's a sequel. Venom however, is an expansion, because it's not about Spidey.

A TV Spinoff would be the same way. I think it could be worse than Agents of SHIELD if it only includes occasional action for Spidey showing up "once in a while" while Agents of SHIELD includes at least some action every episode.

A show that allows for constant action, like Agents of SHIELD would be a much better route. A show that centers on a superhero would be even better, since that's what people want and you can give it to them, why not?

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