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Default Re: Dailey Bugle TV Spin-Off

Well, all that's well and good, here's the spinoff, I would do:


The Pitch: Buffy meets Smallville, in a fusion of the story of Arana, Spider-Girl and Ultimate Spider-Woman to be Sony's go-to female action heroine and a breakout TV show.

The Synposis: A young lady is chosen to receive super powers from the mysterious Spider Society, and it takes all of her cunning and wit to deal with it, survive high school and protect her father from the forces of darkness that threaten to overrun the city and the world.

Main Cast:
Anya Corazon
Ezekiel Sims
Gloria Grant
J. Jonah Jameson
Gilberto Corazon
Ned Leeds
Eugene Patillio
Liz Allan
Madame Cassandra Webb

The Beginning:

Anya Corazon is a new freshman at Midtown High School. She's young, impressionable and totally thinks Spider-Man is teh awesmenest. Her view on things changes when this weird old guy Ezekiel starts following her, as she gets near home, she's attacked by a group of black clad assassins, and Ezekiel saves her using Spider powers. She's terrified and amazed, and Ezekiel informs her she's been chosen to be the next Hunter for the Spider Society. Her father refuses to let her quit her internship at the Daily Bugle, and so she now has two jobs, one being a superhero, and still has to do well in school. Her father Gilberto and boss J. Jonah Jameson want her to work hard at the paper and be a reporter someday. Her mentors Cassandra Webb and Ezekiel Sims want her to grow her powers and perhaps become a seer like Cassandra Webb. Her friends, Gloria and Liz just want her to have fun, hang out with boys like Ned and stay away from ones like Eugene. She's just trying to figure out who she is... while also putting the smackdown the mysterious Wasp Sisterhood, their own 'hunter' Tarantula, network of assassins like Swarm, scientists like Dr. Miles Warren and criminals like Hammerhead, all of which is leveled directly at finding and destroying her.

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