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Default Re: Dailey Bugle TV Spin-Off

So, now that we have TASM2, and we're set up as we are for the Sinister Six and more, I once again have to reiterate how this TV series idea of mine, focused in the Amazing Spider-Man universe and the goings on at the Bugle, makes so much sense.

By doing this they can focus on the things that they really can't in the movies. They can get into the whole crime lord aspect with some great villainous characters. Carlton Fisk, Tombstone, Hammerhead, etc.

What's more important is that this would be a great way to introduce Eddie Brock, as a minor background character at first, but with the future plans of using him in future movies. This way they wouldn't have to devote tons of time to introducing Brock, or even getting into the whole Bugle aspect, in TASM3.

I know, many fans want to see The Bugle in TASM3, but if there was an entire TV series dedicated to it then this would be less important.

This would even allow the whole symbiote story to be told, without having to dedicate too much of TASM3 to it.

Personally I would love to see Spidey need to use this symbiote technology that Doctor Octavius (I mean Menken or Smythe) developed, in order to defeat the Sinister Six, but I have a feeling that Webb is going in a different direction.

But if they did go this way then at the beginning of TASM4 (or end of TASM3) Peter could rid himself of the symbiote, which would find Brock and we go from there.

A Daily Bugle tv series could allow Brock to accuse the wrong man for the whole Sin-Eater thing and then lead to him feeling all of the guilt and pain associated with this. And since it would be Spiderman who captured the actual Sin-Eater villain (this could be nothing more than a story in the Bugle, discussed and played out during a couple of episodes), Brock would be put into that emotional state, which is what would lead to the symbiote bonding with him.

There really is so many great ways to go with this tv seried with all of the crime lords in the Spiderman universe, as well as all of the minor super-powered villains and even heroes.

This series could include the following:




Cloak and Dagger
Moon Knight
Punisher (Now that would be a great spinoff)
Iron Fist
Luke Cage

And I'm sure there are many other Street Level possibilities...

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