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Default Re: Dailey Bugle TV Spin-Off

So, the more I look at all of this tv stuff the more I realize Sony needs one.

So I'm bringing back the discussion of my Daily Bugle TV series concept.

Look, all you naysayers, if Agent Carter can have a series, so could the Daily Bugle. Here's a great name fr it:

Amazing Spiderman: The DB

The biggest negative I have heard about this idea is that it would lack action because it wouldn't have super heroes, but I don't believe that to be accurate.

First, using the reporters and the DB as the "home base" gives the series a means of getting into the different stories.

Obviously we would have our staple characters of Betty, JJ, Robbie, and some other main ones, like reporters (possibly including Brock - who would be set up for Venom through this). But in addition we could come to meet certain police officers (Jean DeWolff?), and of course, as I've mentioned above, many of the mobster type villains in Spiderman's world.

Kingpin, Silvermane and Tombstone alone would be amazing. But just like in AoS there are lesser heroes and villains that could be introduced through this show. I wonder if Moon Knight would be allowed. Black Cat could be used. Maybe Cardiac. Prowler? Also, what about using Shocker, Scorpion, Miles Warren, Carrion, Hammerhead, Vermin, Styx and Stone, plus a bunch of lesser foes. Here's a link:

I would also love to see the Empire State University as a sometimes plot point. It would definitely expand on this area of the universe.

And then Oscorp could be used as well... And Ravencroft...

Now here's the thing...

You could sometimes have Spiderman in the series, but just have him always shown wearing his suit. Also, the reporters (or police) could sometimes find the after affects of Spidey, where the bad guys are webbed and waiting. The point is that between the reporters and the police department, as well as the mobster storylines, this really could work.

And again, Sony needs a tv series really bad, and one where they can set up the movies just makes sense!

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