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Default Re: Dailey Bugle TV Spin-Off

Isn't HBO doing a news drama and its failing? I'm all for anything from the Spider-universe. I don't think the average viewer would be.

You guys bash or scoff at Agent Carter. However that show has several things going for it. Strong female lead. Ties into MCU/Shield. In a network whose viewership crave this type of story. Tons of action promised. It's only set to be 8 episodes. If there was a Daily Bugle it would work best as a Netflix limited show which could be scheduled to lead into a film release.

I like the idea of an investigation into Oscorp. So much below the surface there. Perhaps Roxxon works. You need a great lead. You need characters, Jameson. Gritty old vet reporter. Perhaps ander Ned Leeds. Urich is out with DD series. Robertson yes!

Actually what do I know? It could have an audience. I just don't see it other than fans of Spidey.

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