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Default Re: Dailey Bugle TV Spin-Off

^ No. So different, at least in my mind.

How often did you see Lou Grant out investingating the stories? No, usually you just saw them hanging around the office. With Lou Grant as the mentoring Editor. This was more of a story about the moral choices the reporters had to make, than an exciting expansion of a super-hero world.

This story, though stationed out of the Daily Bugle, would be focused moreso out on the streets. We'd meet crime bosses, henchmen, and minor villains, and possibly heroes. We'd see the reporters working to uncover the nefarious goings-on of these corporations, or finding the aftermath of creatures such as the Jackal, or Carrion. We'd see the Police Department's involvement as well, and how they have to deal with a world filled with masked vigilantes and villains.

But what is kind of cool about this idea is how we actually could see Spiderman and even see back and forth discussion between him and the main characters. What's great about Spiderman is how he wears a mask, which means, from the point of view of Jameson, Robertson, any of the reporters, or the police, they never see his face. This could be used to allow someone with a similar enough voice and acting ability to portray this character, making the stories better.

See, this can't be done with Captain America or Thor, whose faces are shown. And even Ironman would be difficult since everyone knows who is inside the suit.

So I think I'd have to disagree on the idea that this idea would be like the TV series Lou Grant...

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