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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
Where exactly was this stated again? there was less than an hour left before Bane saw the fiery Batsignal.I dont think he was planning on going anywhere.
I may be forgetting something here but, wasn't the fiery Bat-signal lit up by Gordon after he was saved form "death by exile" by Batman, then Batman tells Gordon to assemble Cops and that they will attack the Town Hall in the morning, so I assume that there is plenty of time before Dawn, not just One hour.

If Bane had not seen the fiery Bat signal and if Bruce Wayne / Batman had not reveled himself to Talia,..... Bane and Taila would have left Gotham many hours before detonation. (remember he had the trigger he could first make sure that he was out of blast radius then he could have pressed it.)

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
And I still dont get why Bane was "paying" those guys,what exactly are they supposed to do with the money?
The original plan was known only to Bane and Talia, members of LOS are always ready to die for Ra's al Ghul (even if Ra's himself is dead, LOL.)

To recruit other Gotham's goons Bane paid them but they were never aware of his real plan.


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