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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by TheDevilIsMe View Post
I was only a bit let-down, so I'll answer this -

When I found out Batman had been retired for 8 years - kind of hinted to me that the narrative wasn't where I had hoped it'd be going.

I also felt that as the film went on - Gotham felt empty. No war, no backlash - it just felt like the city was lifeless. Also the lack of Batman in the film, didn't feel right.

Those are a couple of red flags for me.
The 8 year gap was a little jarring when I first heard that it was the route Nolan was going to go with the story. But what made me like the idea was that Bruce never truly let the Batman persona go. It rang true to Rachel's letter about Bruce not realizing how much he needed Batman. Now this could have easily been remedied with a little more Batman scenes spliced into the film. I wouldn't have minded if some of the other scenes with Batman had been a little longer, that would have helped for sure.

But yeah, biggest gripe for me was the second act. Bruce in the pit was marvelous and well paced with his recovery, but everything else going on in Gotham was kind of flat. On my first viewing I definitely noticed the pacing was a little odd, but that was more to do with the less than top notch editing in certain scenes. Foley's death being changed was the biggest "WTF?" moment for me when I first watched the film, lol.

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