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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

I said TheDevilIsMe wasn't being civilized...and now he's banned.

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Why's that? I remember back in '08 thinking he'd be a pretty good choice, what with Batman having some pretty big secrets after TDK. I think a Nolan Riddler could have been pretty interesting.
I just never really wanted to see Riddler after the Joker. Having people choose one thing or another, that's the Riddler I wanted, much like how he's shown in Arkham City, but Nolan pretty much did that with Joker in The Dark Knight. I would have wanted something different and with Penguin, I would have gotten it. TDKR could have either cleaned up Gotham or brought in a "rise of the freaks" and while I did not want Penguin to be a freak, I would have wanted him to have muscle that was(Killer Croc).

And with Killer Croc, or Bane(who actually is in TDKR), there would've been someone that would have been a match for Batman.

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
"why is everyone slamming tdkr".
Saying 'everyone' is probably a bit extreme, but I guess I'd say that this film has more people 'slamming' (in comparison to the other films) because they were unsatisfied with it...either on its own merit or in comparison to The Dark Knight or Batman Begins.
In the present, TDKR has had a lot of "slamming", but Batman Begins, I feel, gets the most of it when looking at the entire trilogy. Ironically, both BB and TDKR are very underrated films as a whole and as part of the trilogy where TDK gets look at the most. It's like triplets and one child is praised the most when the other two children are just as good and well-mannered.

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