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Default Re: Should DOFP be used to reboot the X-Men franchise?

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
The 2023 date doesn't do that; what we know Of DoFP's story does.
Josh Hellman as young Stryker In DOFP who Is way younger than Danny Huston
was first step In questioning Origins.Then there Is fact DOFP could conflict
with origins on Issue where wolverine Is when future wolverine's mind goes
Into 1973 self body.Plus dating the X-Men films makes it hard to buy a teenage
Cyclops In 1970's.Then there Is does Singer In his vision still want the adamanturm proceduce to be 15 years before the trilogy.

Of course taking origins out also gives reason why he mentioned Gambit as one
he would like to use in future film.And hey rogue&Gambit lovers you could
get them In sequel to DOFP.

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