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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
I actually do not think BB handled it that much differently. The voice of everyday Gothamites were Rachel, Gordon and Alfred for much of that with the upperclass being represented by board members of Wayne Enterprises and their dates. In TDKR the upperclass is again represented by the Wayne Board, as well as smug Wall Streeters, while the voice of the middle and working classes are supposed to be echoed through Blake, Selina and Folley.

I will agree TDK felt more like an entire city was being painted. That is one of the reasons it is the best film of the three.
If you look at the way Gotham is presented in Begins it's actually not unlike how it's presented in TDK, the difference being I think is that they are more seen than heard as opposed to TDK when they're both seen and heard. We see it in the Narrows with the child, on the streets with the Hobo, The Judge in Falcone's bar, the rich folks at the restaurant, and of course Joe Chill, hell even the falafel guy, those people are Gotham, their voices are not nearly as loud in Begins but they are the faces of what's happening to the city within the story. When I and others say 'Voice of Gotham' we don't necessarily mean it in a literal sense, we mean it in a sense of perspective. It's probably not the right term to be using, a better term would probably be 'Perspective of Gotham' which is sorely lacking in Rises. We don't see how things are for Joe Public in TDKR, it's a level of ambiguity that creates an emotional disconnect with the supposed danger that they are facing.

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