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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
In that newspaper.
As long as you know this

Didn't need to. Just show it clearly like they did with the other newspaper. Simple.
They didn't need to show it clearly either. They only showed the other newspaper because Bruce and Miranda were walking into a manor whose power was going to be knocked off and how Bruce indeed went from 'millionaire to bum'.

Except it ain't clearly shown and there is no headline.
But the pic shows what really was, so I'm fine about that. I don't need everything shown on film.

Ehhh I meant a pic of the newspaper showing that, not a pic of Bruce walking out of W.E.
I know what you meant, but I can't find the Gotham Post paper. Look for it when you see TDKR again until I ever find a pic of the Gotham Post paper in TDKR.

Yeah ya did. Nobody else was supporting ya and ya only saw it cos you rewatched the movie and deliberately looked at the newspaper to see if ya could make anything out.
Lol, it's fine if nobody was supporting me. That's usually what happens until I prove I'm right

Yup and you've still proven that that Batman's return wasn't main news all around. Cheers.
Wasn't the main news even if that Gotham Post paper could've been new that day? Yah, makes sense, lol.

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