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Default Re: Fear the Walking Dead General Discussion Thread - Part 1

The promo for next week's two part mid season finale briefly revealed Ofelia and her whereabouts. Looks like Walker's group took her in. And from the looks of it she might've been beaten/abused. Since Jeremiah was the last person we saw her with during the Season 2 finale. I wonder if he had anything to do with those bruises on her face. He might've tortured and interrogated her b/c he assumed she was from Walker's camp. Assuming after Jeremiah released Ofelia she came across Walker's group. And Walker takes her in after finding out they both have a beef with Jeremiah. Should be interesting to see how this plays out with Ofelia and the Clarks on opposing camps. Anyways after being absent for six episodes this season it's a shame they decided to reveal where Ofelia is in the promos rather than the actual episode.

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