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Default Re: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 5x21 "The Force of Gravity" Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by eon001 View Post
Well to be fair, from the POV form the average guy in the MCU, they wouldn't really know whats going on. Other than the brief attack in New York, the other event's took place in Space, and Wakanda.

If you lived in LA you really wouldn't be privy to anything until it's too late. You might catch a news headline but no one else in the MCU is going to be directly effected till snapture.
Or to cross threads and where were the Defenders when New York was happening, we'll without the mobility of Spider-Man and Iron-Man they were a couple of blocks away screened from the battle by some buildings. Sure in the real world one country might not have more than one news worthy mass shootings at the same time, but worldwide that is only because the actions in the third world are ignored unless we have high quality pictures and nothing else is happening from an ex porn star saying something different about her prostitution days with the President to an accidental weapons discharge near a school.

But the we, as a fan base, expect the Avengers, the Defenders and S.H.I.E.L.D have perfect timely knowledge of the biggest problem at any given moment along with the knowledge of any other enhanced person going to deal with it.

Part of a small, but active fan base.

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