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Default Re: DC Comics Character Tournament

Originally Posted by Genesis 1.0 View Post
That might make sense in your head but not in anywhere outside it. You just said, for the second time that the villain wouldn't know when he's get his improptu visit but he knows what hero works in the area. So you leave quite possibly the most important edge, surprise, to the Hero on every occassion.
He also said there could be silent alarms which could tip off the villain and have him waiting on the hero making surprise the villains tool. It's up to us to vote based on how smart and/or well prepared we think this villain would be.

I find it funny that numerous people give examples of how one character or another could use their surroundings against their opponent and people debate that for pages but tell them it's not an arena bout and they're like WTF? Gen I've heard you give such examples in the past as well as agree or disagree with the ones others have given but I've never seen you or anybody say that these things couldn't happen because it's an arena bout but now all of a sudden you're told it's not an arena bout and you're arguing about it.

As Hound said, this makes Batman nearly inviincible in any match you throw out. Him and a busload of other heroes who make their bread on surprise and surprise shouldn't even be an element in a versus thread seeing as it inevitably gives th edge to one character over another.
Stupidity (on the part of writers and fanboys) is what makes Bats invincible and yet he rarely surprises guys like the Joker, it's usually the other way around.

Villians win their fair share in comics? Maybe but it's still the Heroes that are favored.
Well if the villains won as often as they should the heroes would all be dead and all are books would be over. The point of a vs thread is for us to think for ourselves and decide who should win not who needs to win.

I've never thought of these as arena bouts either but rather than me say these are the stipulations I usually just leave it to the voters to say what they think this character could/would do against that character and let the opposition counter. There are certain match ups that just won't fly with out setting the stage to favor one or the other but I don't want to think up scenarios for every match. Unless I have to I would rather hear the voters takes.

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