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Default Re: DC Comics Character Tournament

Originally Posted by The_Mighty_Thor View Post
I find it funny that numerous people give examples of how one character or another could use their surroundings against their opponent and people debate that for pages but tell them it's not an arena bout and they're like WTF? Gen I've heard you give such examples in the past as well as agree or disagree with the ones others have given but I've never seen you or anybody say that these things couldn't happen because it's an arena bout but now all of a sudden you're told it's not an arena bout and you're arguing about it.
At no point have I have been "WTF?" when being told that something is not an arena bout IF THE BOUT ITSELF IS MENTIONED TO NOT BE AN ARENA BOUT.

I have no issue with any match-up being a different circumstance.


If I'm not given any stipulations I THEN ASSUME its an arena bout because its the fairest, most balanced scenario.

I'll bust balls with EVERYONE over stipulations. Gen, Canary, whoever... If I get a Moon Knight bout I'll ask when it is... what the phase of the moon is... s*** like that. Because there's no default setting for something like that.

But in terms of fight scenario... There's already a pre-anounced default which I figured people had all agreed to as being fair (mainly because it is).


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