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Default Days of Future Past News and Discussion

we need a thread for this.

I think some need to tamper their wishlist.Days of future past will be between 2 hours and 2 hours and 20 minutes.

You have Xavier and returning X-Men(Beast,Havok,Banshee) that makes 4 characters.Add Magneto and his defente retuing brotherhood(Mystique,Emma
Frost,Azarel) that brings us up to 8 characters.The target of assassination makes 9.We all know for some length wolverine will be In film so that brings us
up to 10.If angel and Riptide are still among the brotherhood that brings Us up to 12.If Moira Is In film that poential brings us up to 13.ThIs Is not even at thefuture sequenzes yet(which could be where all of wolverine's screen time will be) we are already at 10 or 13 characters.Older versions of Xavier,Magneto,and Mystique may be In future sequenzes.

You have possibly of Jean,Cyclops,Storm,and Rogue In future sequenzes.This leaves us with at least 14 Characters.17 If all the surviving first Class
characters make It Into days of future past.Plus you have the sentinles In future.

This means It's unlikley besides target of assassination to have any new characters Introduced Inless there Is 1 mutant taking place of angel and Riptide among the brotherhood.New cast members are mostly going to be returning from X-Men/X2

Fox may not even have the rights to Cable.But besides that If they are going to do a time travel crossover why would they take time away from familar to general audence characters for Cable or Bishop who haven't been popular In years.I firmly believe If wolverine Isn't time traveler.

I haven't mentioned Kitty.There Is good reason for that.The possibilbe return of Jean suggests the following.They are Ignoring The Last Stand for the future sequenzes.The advantage Is they can also bring back Cyclops.Plus It Is unknown If they could even get ellen Page to conisder reuring assuming
her contract Isn't valid.

Some keep hoping another group of villains causes the assassination.With all the characters mentioned that Isn't fesable.

Some people mention things that are days of future past In name only.Bryan singer hinted at combining things from storyline and new stuff.The point Is there will be things from oirignal story In film.X2 took things from God Loves Man kills like Xavier and Cyclops being captured.Xavier being tricked(In comics It was drugs In film It was by stryker's mastermind like son) the X-Men on run,being saved by Magneto,and X-Men and Magneto against stryker.

Now we are going to be deabting what exactly they are using and what they are adding till more information comes available.But,my suspecion Is we will get future several years after X2 with sentinles.A Time travel plan to warn the first Class era X-Men.The brotherhood through Mystique having inflirated government,and brotherhood planning assassination and Sentinles Vs surving X-Men In future and X-Men Vs Brotherhood In past.

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