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Default Re: Days of future past New and disicussion

The first Class era Is where there Is the most unknown and where they will likely add the most stuff.

questions are how much time has elapsed between Magneto breaking Emma out of Cia custody?Are we In 1963?Could be be around 1967 or 1968?

Will we see how Xavier Is dealing with being crippled and how Beast Is with his mutated form?

Some decent time will be spent with Brotherhood to focus on Magneto and Mystique.will Mystique be undercover gathering information?Are they
going Into Mystique and Azarel.what does that mean for Magneto and Mystique?Does Emma play any role into It.If Mystique were to change
minds with older self that could be even more unpredicable how the first Class era stuff Is.

who Is target of assassination?are they making jFK the target as Matthew Vaughn once hinted?Will be a fictional politican?

The idenity of their choice of time travler will help speculate on DOfp First Class era scenes

Hopefully some more news to help us speculate more comes to light soon.what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall during the Days of future Past script devolpment meetings.

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