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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by X4ever View Post
I agree marvelrobbins. I hope Halle Berry is NOT in DOFP because she's a spoiled overpriced b**ch! She only did X3 b/c she got what she wanted which was getting more screentime than anyone else alongside Hugh Jackman and she took away from everyone else! She took away from poor Anna who was NOT suppost to regress and from Famke who was NOT suppost to be just some walking corpse. Since Halle already got her time to shine and since Jean is dead it's time Rogue/Anna got her time to shine and look like a real hero.

Now that the douchbag known as Tom Rothman is gone I think Bryan Singer will get to do things he wants to do. If Bryan Singer and Mark Millar choose to focus on every character equally Halle will NOT accept it.
You rabid haters really do amuse me. Why on earth would Halle Berry not accept being part of a film where each character gets equal screen time when that was what she has been asking for since X2. It isn't her fault fox gave her a lot of screen time and failed to develop other characters. A carefully written script and a longer running time would have catered for both.

Halle has been on two ensemble movies recently whereshe has had little screen time and has not complained. Tell me why a screen diva such as Halle would agree to appear for five minutes in New Year's Eve but refuse to come back for DoFP?

Like it or not Halle Berry is still the biggest female star of the original trilogy and based on the e ending of X3 and the source material, rightfully deserves to be in this movie. Way more than Rogue.

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