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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I don't think DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is going to be as split between the past and the future as the source material was. My guess is we'll see some glimpses of the future, and some key moments, but not the back and forth storyline that is in the comics. If that's the case, Storm becomes a bit less important.
Agreed. As I mentioned to BMM on another thread around here, I actually don't expect to have a key role at all. I'd be content with her just having a glorious lit-up showdown with the Sentinels before losing her life or being apprehended in some way. I think we all know the film is not going to revolve around here--and nor should it.

But leaving her out completely just doesn't make sense for either vantage point--source material OR movie-verse.

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