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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by Nuffsaid View Post
Romantic in the aesthetic form, at least.
Circumstances didn't allow them to play their "traditional" romantic roles. Superman abruptly left her after sweeping her off her heels and with a child to boot. Plus, she wrote her Pulitzer prize winning article on "why the world doesn't need Superman". But there he was again, back from obscurity. In this circumstance, I see any (proper), and especially Donner's iteration of them (Superman & Lois) acting the same. In that respect, they weren't wrongly interpreted at all.
Exactly. Those circumstances are exactly what is completely wrong about this movie because if it wasn't for them, Superman wouldnt act out of character. The core aspect of the mythology is the love triangle built around 2 people and not some outsider and them.

How is Superman ever be with Lois or be able to be a father to his son without ruining a decent family and a decent person? Sorry but I don't want these kind of problems associated to Superman or in a summer blockbuster.

Moreover, the whole movie based around the idea that Superman left without saying goodbye. Sorry but the Superman I know and the Superman showed in SII specifically said "I won't let you down again". Singer didnt even get the facts right when he wrote his messed up story and sequel that not even him understood what was cannon or not. He simply selected parts from it that he liked or not. Moreover, Superman would call a press conference, like Superman IV or even Lois & Clark, and explain what is going on. And he would also tell Lois if they were romantically involved and that is what a Superman does.

This "I was afraid to tell the truth" simply doesn't work with Superman.

It's a half-assed explanation thought about someone who didnt know Superman as a character and his motivations at all.

These fundamental flaws with the story just makes it a bad Superman movie. Sorry. And didnt even talk about Luthor's plan...

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