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Default Re: MOS now Summer of 2013 instead of Winter 2012

i think Nolan will be doing everything he can to help out with this production without sacrificing the quality of his work for TDKR. i'm not sure what kind of involvement he was have once he's wrapped up TDKR, but i can't see Nolan as the type of guy that would do with Snyder what Spielberg did with Bay. Spielberg gave his input but he basically let Michael Bay do what he usually does. Nolan's name is attached to this project and he's still a fairly young chap and fairly new to Hollywood, so he has much more to gain/lose than Spielberg does.

so while he's certainly gonna let Snyder do his thang, i also think that while Nolan isn't busy with TDKR, he'll be helping out with MOS as much as his abilities will allow.

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