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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Is NOT Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel - Part 1

Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
Wolverine did dominate in general, I agree, but I still see X2 (not much X1) as an ensemble. It's amazing how many characters got an interesting development in X2, even the supporting ones; we got so much from them, and sometimes you only need a few minutes to establish a character's personality and purposes.

For example, take Pyro. The character was so intelligently set - we know Pyro from the very first moment we saw him. I can't say the same about Havok and Banshee, for example. Although it was cool and all, the idea of turning the training sequence into a montage was not really effective to establish Havok, Banshee, Charles and Hank, as a team, as the X-Men.
I'm very interested to see how Bryan Singer will handle the secondary X-Men team members like Havok and Banshee. I feel like he knows to handle smaller characters. Just look at the cameos/smaller roles in the first 2 movies like Iceman in X1, Colossus in X2, Jason and Artie. Even the main villain's henchman like Lady Deathstrike and Mystique in X1 had more personality than Angel Salvadore, Riptide and Azazel. I also believe that if only Bryan directed X3, Colossus' inclusion to the X-Men team would have been way better and he wouldn't just throw some punch and be Wolverine's thrower. Plus Angel could have been X2's Nightcrawler, a new face to the X-Men that will help X-Men in the fight.

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