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Default Re: Lack of Action? Iron Man 2 over again?

Originally Posted by FreedomFreeLife View Post
Also, same guy who wrote other movies wrote movies such as:

1. The Monster Squad(1987) - 53%
2. Lethal Weapon 3 - 56%
3. Lethal Weapon 4 - 52%
4. The Last Boy Scout - 45%
5. The Long Kiss Goodnight - 67%
6. Last Action Hero - 38%

RT rating.
Get your damn facts straight, do you even know ANY of these movies? Or are you somewhat familiar with movies outside of those based on comic books?

The Monster Squad he co-wrote with Fred Dekker, and is regarded as a cult. It's a nice pastiche between adventure and horror for kids, pretty much in the vein of The Goonies.

Lethal Weapon 3 & 4 he WASN'T INVOLVED WITH, AT ALL. He was just credited for it since he wrote the FIRST Lethal Weapon (and the story for part 2, but even then he didn't write the script for that). And as you may know (or not), the first Lethal Weapon is one of the milestones in action history. A brillant remodeling of classic genres such as noir and western.

The Last Boy Scout is just ****ing badass. Period. An underrated gem, and together with True Romance one of the best flicks directed by Tony Scott.

The Long Kiss Goodnight is maybe the one I liked the least out of Black's writing resume, but it's still a sweet thriller. Not his best work, though.

I never really count The Last Action Hero as Black's work, as he was only one of many writers (he was brought in to rewrite the script, and other writers followed), and there's only so much of his stuff in the movie.

And... last but not least, after offering such brillant entries to the action genre Black disappeared for a while, only to come back as the writer and director of the great black comedy Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. A movie as sharp as a razor. And the movie is only PARTIALLY based on a novel.

AND - I just rewatched Iron Man 2 last week, and it does have its fair share of problems, but those have nothing to do with the "politics ****" (what is it with comic book fans and their hate for storytelling which has nothing to do with fights? How old are you, man, four?). Its main problem is that, after an interesting beginning, the script deflates and ends up being a sequence of scenes, without really anything at stake or a red line which gets through the story and keeps you hooked. It just... is. And making things worse is "The Avengers" commercial with Nick Fury and the Widow joining Tony Stark for a donut, AND RESOLVING A PLOT POINT. o.O Like they didn't know how they hell they could resolve that point. The script is weak sauce, with the "politics ****" being the most interesting part of it. What saves the movie is Jon Favreau's directing (he has a good eye, should have directed "The Avengers") and the cast. That's about it.

P.S.: I hope you understand English.

P.P.S.: Black won't throw in action just for the sake of it (smart dude!):

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