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Default Re: The Princess Diana/Wonder Woman Thread

Originally Posted by Willi Berg View Post
Well, as repeatedly said, she was thrown in the deep end from MMA to a lead in a feature movie with "Haywire". I don't think she was bad. (I think you should stick through all of "Haywire" really.) I do want to see how Carano develops as an actor in her next few movies. I think it's unfair to say she "can't do anything else."
I stuck through all of Haywire, and though I'll give her credit for looking totally convincing in the fight scenes, I found Carano's performance more grating as it went along. I think 90% of her lines must've been in monotone. Maybe that's how Soderbergh wanted her to say her lines, but I need to see her exhibit more range before I can endorse her for WW.

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