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Default Re: Liberal Writers Killing Marvel Comics?

Originally Posted by random_havoc View Post
Here's a list of Marvel characters that I love that I can't read about because they've been replaced by minority characters for the sake of fulfilling their vision of "diversity": Thor, Logan, Bruce Banner, Iron Man, and Steve Rogers (initially replaced by Falcon, now Rogers is evil and for some reason Falcon kept the shield)

That list right there is a list of the most popular characters Marvel in the eyes of the general populace has hands down (granted, Spidey would have to be included to make the list complete and they haven't killed him yet). And I can't buy a comic about them. So, sure, there's other reasons Marvel sales are down too, but them writing off their most popular characters is absolutely a signifcant contributing factor. The best way to diversify can't possibly be by ticking people off by taking away their favourite characters and replacing them
Yeah, it's maddening. They've got their backs against the wall though, so change is coming. How soon? Probably in the next couple of years I'd guess. Even though I'd consider myself progressive in a lot of areas, I hate, HATE, being treated like a child and being force-fed politics by people who think they are smarter then me. We already have enough of that crap shoved down our throats 24/7, but now I'm fed it in crude & transparent ways in comics. "We get it!" "No, no you don't, there's this!". While I understand where the editorial policy comes from, when it lacks any finesse and happens at the expense of legacy characters, then you've got problems and have completely lost the plot.

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