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Default Re: Liberal Writers Killing Marvel Comics?

Originally Posted by Mad Ones View Post
HA! As if this isn't the case of the vast majority of comics (and all other media). One outlying comic out of thousands doesn't change anything. And funny that you vilify the one comic that tried to do something different with sexuality.
You're missing the point. It's not that they did a book that was about homosexuality. It's that one writer changed the entire dynamic of the book and its characters to tell that story. In no way is Gillen's Young Avengers connected with Heinburg's Young Avengers. He changed it from a Legacy book to tell a gay story. Again, I have nothing against books about gay people. No problem at all. I support gay people. But to completely change the identity of a book, turn previously straight characters gay or bi, remove straight characters, etc. and just change a team so drastically that it doesn't look or feel like the team that made it popular and shift the whole point of the book to something else politically charged ruins the book for me (no matter the book or topic). And obviously others agree since the book or team has not returned since it ended.

As for the rest of your post... Marvel doesn't depict that stuff because, you know, they tell stories about heroes.
Oh, that doesn't matter. They deal with political things all the time usually through analogies and such. Or if you're a liberal hack, you take an issue of Champions and just shove his misguided view of conservatives and the president straight down people's throats.

A good writer will take a political topic they want to cover and write it in a way to where people who want to hear that can get it, but those who don't want to hear it can still enjoy the title anyway. And it should always stay true to the characters in the story. A fantastic example of this is Valiant's recent title Bloodshot Reborn. I read the whole book and loved every second of it not realizing that... Jeff Lemire I think... wrote it as a political piece on gun control. Once I realize that I could see it. I'm all about the 2nd Amendment, so that topic doesn't speak to me, but the story itself was well done and in line with the Bloodshot character. Fantastic job.

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