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Default Re: Liberal Writers Killing Marvel Comics?

I will admit, that my views are limited. I don't venture too much outside the X books, which are sort of inherently a liberal bias. Venom and Ghost Rider are about all I really do venture into for Marvel. Neither are what I would call very political. Though they have dealt with new characters taking up the mantel.

Agent Venom I think ended criticism by being really good. Not sure how political it would be considered, though Flash's journey is a good one.

Ghost Rider definitely got criticism. Especially coming off the previous, poorly received iteration. Though I'm sure many would feel that a story from a hispanic youth in the south side of LA would be considered liberal bs. I love Robbie, because he is very different than Blaze or Ketch. Though I think it helps that they didn't kill off a previous one for Robbie to exist. And a sudden new Ghost Rider isn't exactly new.

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