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Default Re: Liberal Writers Killing Marvel Comics?

Originally Posted by JewishHobbit View Post
That's not the problem. It's the one-sidedness these days. It didn't used to be that way. You could read comics that came from a conservative angle or a Christian angle alongside those from a liberal, Jewish, and atheistic angle. The modern landscape of Marvel writers are overwhelmingly far left liberal and therefore if anything of "importance" is covered it's the liberal aspect of it with no attempt to cover the conservative point of view. And then if a conservative wishes the writers would just stick to comics and stop being political, they're mocked for it. God forbid you try to talk about it on Twitter. You'll have ignorant people like Nick Spencer calling you evil and all their liberal followers mocking and you basically being the liberal steriotype of insults rather than debate.

I first noticed it back when Millar wrote Ultimates 2 and then Parker bringing in Obama in Thunderbolts but was sure to pin the whole employing villains plot on Bush just prior to Obama coming in. No criticisms of Obama over 8 years of Marvel despite there being some cause here and there. But Trump's in office a month or two and there's already a comic absolutely slamming him and those who voted for him.

It's just irritating. Definitely one of those "never meet your idols" sort of thing. I remember back when Dan Slott was a regular here and I thought he was just amazing. Nowadays I can't even bring myself to read anything he's written due to how he insults those who disagree with him politically. Nick Spencer, of course, is the absolute worst.
Agree with you 100%, Hobbit. You pretty much covered it all in your first two posts, so no need for me to elaborate.

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