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Default Re: Anyone saw Batman Returns in theaters?

I have the Batman/Catwoman comic that page was extracted from(it's from about 73 or 74 iirc, i got it back issue, I'm not that old), see, after that period(where CW was a straight villan), they went the route of her refroming, having a relationship with Bruce Wayne, and then finding out his secret I.D, while at the same time, going back to her criminal activities at points...
See, this is the persona that was the staple in the books from the late 70s up until BR came out, so that is what I meant by her having the characteristics of the cb version.

I stopped buying Batman comics in 94, so don't know when they brought onboard the aspect of her being more of an out and out superhero, anti-hero or whatever you want to call her.

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