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Default Re: So now, which Thor is your favorite?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Sigh. That bit where I said, it's just IMO and IYO, there's no reasoning involved dude. How can you dispute or criticize my reasoning when I've not offered any reasoning to begin with, only opinion as to why I prefer Ultimate Thor. So, everything that comes next is pure opinion. Feel free to disagree, as I know you will, and that's cool - but don't try and bring reason into it, as this thread is, by defintion, an opinion thread, this is a reason-free zone.

Again, Simonson's weirdness worked for me, I prefer Thor the Frog of Thunder and Beta Ray Bill to King Thor, Rune Thor or King-Rune-Thor-Thorforce-god-Thor. The way I see it, today's Thor has gone waaayyyy too far past the original concept to make him enjoyable (kind of like the Silver Age Superman) But that's just my opinion.
I find it funny since you say that Aaron's Thor is weird power-wise, despite that he has fewer powers than Simonson's (which you said was your favorite) and Simonson's have all the powers Aaron's has. The only thing Simonson's Thor doesn't have is the Thorforce, but that's only because Odin has it in Simonson's run so it's still definitely not something new. King Thor is also not the main Thor in Aaron's run so the Thorforce is a marginal thing.

You can sigh all you want but I'm fully entitled to finding something you say funny, even if it's a subjective opinion. I didn't say that you were objectively wrong, quite the contrary as I said that I'm not the least bothered by what you prefer. This is a discussion board so the very point is to have opinions on what other people write.

So your comment about Thor going away from the original the reality of it is actually that Aaron has a more toned down version than what's been in the past, including Simonson's (which certainly isn't the original incarnation in Marvel). Thor is definitely not invulnerable in Aaron's run either. He gets beaten several times in the first arc alone. I doubt that you know what "today's Thor" is, judging from your comments.

Why you bring in a bunch of other writers other than Aaron, which have nothing to do with what's been said previously, I don't really understand. Aaron is writing Thor today, on top of the Avengers stuff of course.

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