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Default Re: So now, which Thor is your favorite?

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
. I doubt that you know what "today's Thor" is, judging from your comments.

Why you bring in a bunch of other writers other than Aaron, which have nothing to do with what's been said previously, I don't really understand. Aaron is writing Thor today, on top of the Avengers stuff of course.

This thread says which Thor is your favourite ? Which suggests it is about sharing opinions rather than critiquing those of others. If you really aren't bothered about what I like, why do you keep attacking my comments ?

Why don't you instead divert your energies to promoting your own opinions and telling us why modern Thor is such an engaging hero and why its your preferred iteration of the character? That's something I would enjoy reading and respect.

So, why don't you share some of your favourite "today's" Thor moments, and what makes them so great ? I always read other people's opinions with an open mind,

That way someone might think "Hmmmm that sounds like an interesting Thor story, maybe that guy is on to something and I should check that out." instead of something less charitable.

If that's too cryptic for you, I don't diss your opinions, so don't diss mine, whether you agree/disagree or you think I'm completely wrong. You're entitled to disagree, but you aren't entitled to disrespect.

If this was an argument thread, and we were having an argument about something that actually involves rational thought, then feel free to ruthlessly deconstruct my argument, but this isn't such an argument, it's merely opinion.

Admittedly I am probably a bit out of touch with "today's Thor" if you don't count movie Thor or Ultimate Thor, so we're specifically talking about Aaron's Thor. I admit I haven't read a lot of Aaron's work, but the little bit I did, didn't work for me, so enough to form an opinion. Could I engage in a detailed argument on the merits of Aaron vs Simonson, no, haven't read enough.....but again this is an opinion thread.

I brought in the other writers (John Byrne and Geoff Johns) to make a comparison between Superman and Thor, in terms of how writers like to mess around with super-heroes' powers in order to further storylines.

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