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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
Devin Faraci said there's a lot of behind-the-scenes stress on the pre-production of 'Episode 7' and that's due to the tentative summer release date. I'm in the mind that, while Star Wars is inherently a summer tentpole, this might be the ONE (and maybe only) exception and will be released during Winter 2015.

Again, this is only going by vibes that Disney Pres Bob Iger wanting Star Wars in theaters before his retirement (2015 is his last active year). After all, it's his crown jewel (among other things). It'll be the ultimate compromise.

I think that's why Disney hasn't committed to a real release date yet. Me thinks that JJ is talking to Kathleen Kennedy about the scheduling and in turn, she's the mediator between Team Lucas to Disney proper on what kind of agreement that can work upon.
Ya I think in the end the right thing will be done. I could easily see a December 2015 release at least for this one. Kathy did say JJ had lots of concerns/demands especially with scheduling and they said they would work with him on that. I think people like Devin are jumping the gun a tad about how they are going to over saturate right away. I think this is definitely somewhat a pipe dream, and they will be checked by someone like Kathy sooner or later. Horn will be realistic as well with it. But I do think 2015 is going to be done, but I could see it being winter. It's such a strong season anymore and with Star Wars merchandise, it would be a whole other type of income. There would be so much bought during the Holiday seasons for kids.

I think the Spin-offs they have even said they are working to do it, but if I remember even Iger said that the main focus is the episodes right now, I would not be surprised if there is only one spin off in between all of these. Not two. But I at least know they are putting good stuff behind the Episodes so I'm not worried about those. The Spin-off's will be interesting they do have Larry with em, so that gives me confidence with that. I agree since Episode VII is the kick off one, I could see them pushing this one to December just to give it a little more time.

Originally Posted by Doc Ock View Post
Really? I didn't like the Shade Luke idea. I figured Luke would be trying to rebuild the Jedi Order and be at the head of it.
I really liked the idea. I don't mind the other idea either, I just hope they try to do a little different from the EU.

Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
Has the Patton Oswalt Parks and Rec thing been posted?

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Ignore if old.
I've seen the awesome video, but never the awesome poster!!

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