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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 14

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
But now you're being terribly reductive to Peggy's role in the MCU. I get that you're upset about the marginalization of Sharon in the movies, but the movies are different from the comics. The comics introduced Sharon before Peggy maybe, but the movies did the opposite, necessitated by the need to tell Steve's origin story from the beginning.

The movies and comics weren't going to be 100% in sync. The movies need to tell the stories that make sense within the cinematic universe, and it makes sense for Steve to still be palpably feeling Peggy's loss. It may also make sense to ease the movie audience into Sharon's introduction as a potential love interest in the future for Steve, to establish her as her own character separate and apart from Peggy.
Exactly how am I being reductive to Peggy?

Her relationship with Steve was mostly professional. They had strong feelings for one another, one they had the intention to pursue when the war is over and they weren't bound by anti-fraternization regs, but they were never in an actual romantic relationship.

And while Steve was gone, Peggy had A) moved on and B) gotten married, at least once.

So the healthy thing for Steve would be to move on.

And given that two years have passed for Steve, that's surely enough time.

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