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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 14

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
Right. And I think a lot of the development with Steve in this movie is dealing with unwillingness to move on even after two years.

Shortchanging his relationship with Peggy in the movies would not be beneficial for this franchise. I think too many people who watched the first movie would be upset if Peggy were just reduced to nothing. So they have Steve distancing himself from getting close to anyone outside of SHIELD, they have Steve avoiding intimacy and not dating so they can show us his process of moving on from Peggy.


Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
If the movie's goal is for emotional connectivity with the previous Captain America movie, then likely they couldn't tell the story without the Peggy/Steve connection in this one.
Except she's in the movie. No one is reducing her to nothing.

Her scene could be set in the period right after the Avengers, when Steve has decided to reunite.

They could tie up loose ends, share some thoughts, have closure, and move on.

It wouldn't be nothing, and it'd resonate with the audience without having to be a persistent plot tumor where Steve is wistfully looking at her picture every five minutes, which frankly sounds like what you want to see.

With as limited time as they have, dwelling on what could have been in the name of emotional connectivity when you've already got Steve's childhood friend now becoming his enemy seems frankly inefficient.

You say you want Sharon developed on her own, but you're fine with her not getting much screentime to do so.

You say you want Sharon developed on her own, but think she's guarding Steve on Peggy's orders, which reinforces her being perceived as Peggy's niece rather than show her in her own identity as an agent of SHIELD.

I just don't get you.

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