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Default Re: Spider-Man Trilogy vs Iron Man Trilogy

The Iron Man trilogy. Those movies were actually good.

The only original Spider-Man movie I think is good is 2. 1 was good for it's time, but has ages horribly; 3 was & always shall be a POS.

The original Iron Man movie is my third favorite superhero movie. 2 & 3 are good movies; people just don't like them because they expected to much from them.

The Iron Man movies also got the main character right; the Spider-Man movies didn't (lucky ASM fixed that). Peter Parker was pre-bite socially awkward Peter the whole time during those movies; even when he had the mask on. That's not the Spider-Man I know

Iron Man > Iron Man 3 > Spider-Man 2 > Iron Man 2 > Spider-Man > Spider-Man 3

FYI I put ASM before IM3

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