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Default Re: If the Wrestling Thread wanted to dance, it'd get a date!

Yes I know I'm late to the party but I had to work a Panthers/Maple Leafs game, so sue me. Thank God I recorded Raw though and my thoughts?

Pretty great show. The 6-Man Shield vs. Sheamus/Ryback/Jericho was a definite hilight. I don't have the luxury of ordering PPVs so this was the first match I've seen them in. And I like what I see. Ambrose is a freaking genius worker. Best I've seen in a loooong time.

I hope next week's Punk vs. Cena match leads to a triple-threat Wrestlemania match. Punk brings out Cena's good promos IMO, so I'm hoping that comes to fruition.

Rock's unveiling of the new title belt was pretty cool. I definitely like the new belt more than the Spinner. But I liked the sendoff he gave the Spinner, and it should be in the HOF, very classy of him. And I loved when Cena crashed mid-speech, that sneer gave me hope for at least a tweener turn for Cena, if not an all-out heel. And definitely, Punk clocking Cena with the old title and then tossing it aside was awesome. I love the way he said "I want that one."

And to those who are b****ing and moaning, the belt looks way better than the Spinner and, for the record, it's called the WWE Championship for a reason, and the design reflects that. It also puts it in a similar league with the WHC.

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