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Default Re: If the Wrestling Thread wanted to dance, it'd get a date!

Just caught up with Raw from last night.

I do hope the Cena vs Punk match next week ends in a draw or something similar. Rock vs Cena II is just not interesting to me, and I think the end result of that match is blindingly obvious. Having a triple threat match would definitely make it more exciting and a better match to watch. I expect, if Undertaker isn't cleared to make Mania, then it'll be a triple threat match (Cena will still win). If Taker is cleared to fight at Mania, then I think Cena beats Punk next week. Ironically, if Taker vs Punk happens, it'll probably be a more exciting match and more people will be looking forward to it than the 2 Championship matches combined!

Speaking of the other Championship.... Swagger vs Del Rio?! Really!? No one cares about Swagger, and Del Rio is hardly a huge star now. Seems an odd choice. I'd guess though, that Ziggler will cash in at Wrestlemania and win.

Love The Shield at the moment. Ambrose is awesome. Reigns seems to be a bit 'Hulk' like, whereby he's the big wrecking machine who doesn't say too much, aside from; "Believe in the Shield!" They're a good, tight-knit unit though, and that works really well. I'm glad Vince hasn't buried them.....yet. King's comment about 'know no one knows how to beat them' (or words to that effect) was interesting. I suspect to beat them, someone will have to fight dirty, and take them out one at a time backstage or whatever, so they're not able to fight as a 3 in their matches. I really like them though, they bring a lot and they're pretty over with the fans. Rollins' knee to Jericho was sweet! Guy came from nowhere and just nailed him.

Dream Mania Card
Cena vs Rock
Punk vs Taker
Ziggler vs Del Rio
Shield vs Sheamus, Ryback, Randy Orton - TLC Match
Kaitlyn vs AJ
And other matches I'm not really bothered about.....

Predicted Mania Card
Cena vs Rock vs Punk
Swagger vs Del Rio (Ziggler cashes in to win)
Shield vs Sheamus, Ryback, and someone else, possibly leading to Shield being a kind of 'face' team, and either Ryback or maybe Orton if he's involved, turning heel.

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