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Default Re: Optimus Prime : Legendary Autobot Leader [vol.2]

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
I actually think Megatorn got more screen-time than Prime and possibly even Bumblebee in this movie. Prime and Bumblebee will obviously always be the main Autobots, but, as the writers said back in 2008, ROTF was more of a Decepticon movie, so they naturally got lots of screentime.

I would have preferred The Fallen and Megatron being acquantences or 'friends' so to speak, rather than master and disciple. But Megatron only bowed to him once, so it didnt bother me that much.
Well maybe the fallen could have forced Starscream to revive Meg, so he wakes up owing to the Fallen who he doesnt know so he stays low until he gets his chance.

Or maybe the movie could have shown Megatron planning to overthrow the fallen once he got what he wanted from him. Something like that.

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